Big changes afoot at the WMCC. We are working towards diversity, equity and inclusion that has not
always been true for us and anyone who knows this organization well. We are working to change the
culture of the WMCC to emulate the words of our interim Executive Director, Lisa Crossman.
“The WMCC provides opportunities for folks from different generations, races, ethnic backgrounds,
religions, economic status, or any other arbitrary divisions to come together, learn from each other, and
experience the idea of “community” (Lisa Crossman). While this is not our official mission statement,
this board is doing the work towards an inclusive “community-based” goal.
Please consider joining us at our 7th Annual legislative forum on April 30rd.

The City of Medford has new leadership and so far under their guidance I see positive measured change
in the direction the City of Medford is moving and they need to hear your voice.
Don’t miss your opportunity to get your message heard. Join us. I’m looking forward, no, I’m excited to
see you there! I promise it will not be boring.

Stephen W. Douglas III
President, West Medford Community Center

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