Community Affairs and Youth

WMCC Community Events


Community Affairs Mission

The Community Affairs team was established to facilitate events, recreational activities and programs for the youth, teens and adults throughout the Medford community at or for the West Medford Community Center (WMCC).

We also work towards and support the increase of community awareness, volunteering and involvement in WMCC program, services and community events.


Boys and Girls Summer Basketball

Look for the return of the Boys and Girls league – Summer, 2016
girls bball dugger park

Click For More Information:  Girls Summer Basketball 2016

Game Nights

Look for Game Nights to resume in the Spring, 2016


Dance Classes

The West Medford Community Center supports 3 different dance classes:

  1. Youth dance consists of tap, ballet, sassy-contemporary and hip-hop.
  2. Adult dance consists of tap and jazz.
  3. Line dancing consists of current and original ensemble dancing.

Click For More Information: Fascinating Rhythmz

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